Special Events/Activities

Become a part of the mission at the Federation of Families of Florida, Inc. and support the individuals in our community in need of help the most. The Federation of Families' special events provide you with an opportunity to meet the families that we support. Your involvement helps us to make these events a reality.

Community Activities with a Purpose

Our involvement with the community at large serves a number of purposes. Through outreach programs, including our community garden, we connect with potential volunteers and supporters that can further our cause but most importantly opportunities for you to became engaged. The life skills training that we provide to the community is designed to help families that are overburdened by the challenges involved with navigating systems of care.

a family

Holiday Events and Clubs

We make it possible for families to celebrate the holidays through our seasonal events, and we get kids involved and creative through our Young Men’s Club, Girl Talk and Photography Club. Follow our calendar to identify an event that you would be willing to support through your own volunteer time. Our special events are planned in coordination with faith and family leaders throughout the community.