Life Skills Training

Make a difference in the lives of young people that are dealing with the challenge of mental illness. The Federation of Families of Florida, Inc. is a community organization that focuses on providing people with the mentoring and training they need to become a better family unit. Through our array of programs and life skills training we are equipping families with the tools they need to persevere through any period of difficulty.

Strengthening Families through Parent Training

We take a holistic approach to every individual and family we serve. There is a full partnership of community organizations and programs that are doing good work for kids and families dealing with behavioral health challenges. Our approach is focused on equipping everyone with the life skills they need. When you volunteer and get involved, you help bring families closer together, and that improves the community as a whole.

Programs and Partners

group of friends talkingIn addition to our TUF (Train Up First) training and our Leadership Discovery Summer Camp, our organization utilizes a number of reputable programs and partnerships that help families get the support they need.

The Glades S.T.A.R. community partners group is focused on Systems That Achieve Results. The program is guided by behavioral health providers, faith leaders and family members focused on empowering everyone in their neighborhoods.

Family involvement is a critical part of our approach, including the Wraparound process. In conjunction with the family and the young person dealing with a behavioral health challenge, a facilitator works to construct a support network of individuals. The team can include friends, community partners, and mental health providers, depending on the particular situation.

The Open Table Faith model also works to build the capacity of congregations that help uplift others. Our volunteers are an integral part of this process of healing. We are capable of deploying a number of models depending on the particular needs of the individual and their community. Learn more about our youth mentoring and the mental health resources that are available now.