Mental Health Support Groups

Support our efforts to educate and inform the community and give families an avenue to treatment and recovery from behavioral health issues as well as help coping and understanding with other challenges in life.

Supporting Those in Need

Share personal success stories with others in similar circumstances when you join one of our family support groups. A stronger family unit is better equipped to deal with the setbacks and breakthroughs that happen during interventions for mental illness.

Our youth support groups allow the child to meet others facing the same challenges in school and their respective communities. When a young person meets others dealing with similar struggles, they gain a perspective that can help them through their particular struggles.

teenager helping older woman

The Tools for Recovery

Life skills training gives the individual a set of coping mechanisms and expands the toolkit they will use for the rest of their lives. We keep people busy with outreach programs, and we bring people together through community gardening.

Help us further our missing by volunteering with us – start a conversation with one of our representatives today! Our peer partners help individuals navigate the systems of care in place.