Learn about the benefits of our community garden. When you become a member of our community garden club, you get healthy living that covers improved eating habits and a gardening of education. We promote a broad array of gardening techniques, including aquaponics, hydroponics, greenhouse gardening, and more.

The Federation of Families of Florida, Inc. first embarked on the community garden idea from our youth that coined the program “Discovery over Drugs.” Our garden project was designed to combat many issues of the community from healthy eating habits to providing low- or no-cost fruits and vegetables. This program also has a mental health therapy component. As one member stated, “I put my troubles in the garden.”

Food Desert

Due to food scarcity of fresh, healthy vegetables in the communities of the Glades, many have suffered even though we are a large farming community. Our garden will increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables and provide opportunities for residents to be a part of the growing process. Through physical, spiritual, and emotional healing, our garden can help families dealing with mental illness grow closer together.


The goals of this project:

  • To help people become aware of the positive changes in health that come with a balanced diet.
  • To help residents gain access to fresh fruits and vegetables at low to no cost.
  • To bring innovation and community together.
  • To help our community have a better quality of life.

hispanic family

Garden Project

This project is designed and engineered to bridge the gap between the “farm-to-table” and “agri-hood” slogans and those that can afford fresh fruits and vegetables.

Community Garden


Families will register via the website or on-site. The Federation of Families will then enroll residents for program participation, and they will be given fresh fish and vegetables on a rotating basis given their participation.

Our target audience includes children with behavioral health issues, at-risk youth, seniors, veterans, and participating community volunteers. We discuss this program and others on our Federation of Families blog. Surplus food will be donated to local food banks and churches currently involved in the Open Table program. See what our garden can do for others when you review our community garden gallery.