Healthy Minds. Healthy Families. Healthy Communities.

Family’s Helping Families

Give the entire family a reason to hope for the future when you establish a connection with a group that delivers the resources and support you need. The Federation of Families of Florida, Inc. is a family-run agency that focuses on helping those with behavioral health issues cope with the challenges they face in life. We connect struggling youth and the families of those dealing with a mental health condition through mentoring programs and parent training.

Behavioral Health Support

Through your support and volunteer time, we provide individuals and families with options when it comes to handling the effects of mental health issues. These challenges can affect everyone in the family, so we provide a focused parental training that identifies strengths families can build from. Our mentoring helps kids and teens understand that a better life is possible.

The Help You Need

Encourage the young person in your life to join one of our youth support groups to help with mental health issues. Our approach empowers every member of the community through family support groups and other resources. Start a conversation about the people you love and the struggles you have endured. We serve people in need from every walk of life.

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